Reviews for "The Splitting: Chapter 2"

I've been waiting for this game for a long time now :)
Congrats on making the frontpage!!

Fun quest game. Reminds me of Silent Hill mirrors gameplay!

Um... Whoops. I mistakenly used the mirror fuse box key before making a copy of it, causing it to vanish from my inventory... And I can't seem to find something to cover and uncover the small mirror where you originally get the key. So unless there's something else that I'm missing, I think I'm stuck.

FireberryStudio responds:

You don't need the mirror fuse box key to get the real one, so don't worry, you are not stuck :)

We made a walkthrough for the chapter -


Really enjoyed chapter 2! The puzzles were hard at some points but overall really manageable. I like the story and that got me to play through lots of the walking back and forth and when I got stuck. I'm looking forward to chapter 3! Great work!

Super excited when I saw that chapter 2 was out and you did not disappoint! Can't wait for chapter 3