Reviews for "The Splitting: Chapter 2"

Great game, the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the character doesn't always agree with you. Oh, by the way, minor spoilers ahead.

I try picking up another cloth from under the vase to clean off the moldy mirror in the asylum but no, he "doesn't want to break the vase again", which really doesn't even make sense when he can just reset it again. Also, I partially understand this one because he's telling you that you don't need to go back, but when you try leaving the asylum through the window you came into, he says he "shouldn't leave until he find's llehctiM's friends".

Other than this issue of the character deciding what he "wants to do" (don't get me wrong, this mechanic can be used in a good way, but breaking a vase?), keep up the good work!

One of the best point and click game here. All puzzles logical. Love it!

It was GREAT!!!Music, atmosphere. . . very nice!

man what a cool cliff hanger. Daniel is an incredibly nice person I almost fear he might not wanna meet his twin. I cant wait to see if Mitchell and Llehctim will meet.
Those blankets sure do come in handy, tho I kinda wanted to give the stuff I took back. great episode!

I've been waiting for this game for a long time now :)
Congrats on making the frontpage!!