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Reviews for "The Splitting: Chapter 2"

Nice work i love this kinda games and keep up the good work.

As excellent as the first game, this one's longer and expands well the story of the prequel. Puzzles were a bit hard, won't deny that, but fair. Can't really complain against anything at all.


This story is highly engaging. While some of the puzzles were an extra challenge, I enjoyed the game regardless. Looking forward to the next segment!

I don't think I ever mentioned anything about how amazing this game was. Well, except on Jayis I think I left something. Sad what happened to that site, if it was working with its former glory I might have found this game sooner there. Still, glad its up!

My biggest question is how the heck did you come UP with the driving idea behind this game?? Its so unique and creates a whole new playing field of puzzle strategies and mechanics never before used. Not to mention the story you've managed to craft with it so far!

My next question is: If Lefties can pass through to the mirror world, whats to keep Righties from passing through to the real world? I can't recall if that was explained in the first game or not...If reflections prevent passage, and a splitting causes the reflections to "disappear" and allows passage, wouldn't it work both ways?

Also, Stella (not alletS) is able to read a file from the Mirror world, which technically is backwards? Seems all that logic and advanced puzzle figuring to transfer a map into a mirror copy in the first game didn't matter so much in this one?

All in all, still an AMAZING game! The world allows for some unique challenges that require some advanced thinking, not as easy to blow through compared to other games. Keep up the GREAT work, can't wait for the next installment!!

What I really love about this game is that it has the gameplay of your standard point and click adventure, with the whole collecting, combining, and interacting with objects, but at the same time the series is following the puzzle game formula that all the best puzzle games follow. Chapter 1 introduced a new concept and slowly experimented with what it can do until the player has a solid grasp on how the system works. Here, Chapter 2 has taken those ideas and twisted them completely with the covering/uncovering mirrors and item duplication, and through the game teaches you how to apply those concepts until mastery in very subtle, well-designed ways. Now, it's not just the continuation of the story that makes me want to look out for the next chapter - I'm also excited to see what other concepts and twists you guys will put into the concept! Stunning work, fully deserving my every star!