Reviews for "The Splitting: Chapter 2"

Wonderful game, very professionally done!

I loved the first chapter, and the second chapter is definitely at least as good as the first one.
The story keeps unfolding with great mystery and interest, some new and very well thought of game mechanics were added, as well as some very clever game design choices that makes the game challenging on the one hand, while keeping it completely away from being frustrating on the other hand, as happens a lot with the quest genre.

Wonderful sound and art, I really liked the atmosphere. I wish there will be more games like this one, that are very professional, but also very creative, bringing new game design and mechanics for us all to enjoy :)

Great work, keep up the good job!

Can't wait for chapter 3!!!
lovely game! nothing to criticise. your game is just pure gold :)

A great homage to the Quest genre, with an interesting concept behind it and clever puzzles that require you to immerse yourself in the game world's rules to solve.
If you enjoy Quest games give this one a go, it improves upon the first part in every way and stands alone on its own as a thought out piece of old school adventure.
Fine work!

Amazing quest game. Really takes me back to the classics. I love the story. Great job!

There seems to be a glitch. I am in a room in the asylum with the closet and the button. I have already completed the puzzle with the books to press the button. However, I picked up the book in the original world and then closed the closet mirror in the mirror world. Although I completed the puzzle, I can't open the closet anymore. I also cannot pick up the books on the bench in the mirror world, so I am stuck.

FireberryStudio responds:

Thank you for your feedback. We were able to locate the bug and fix it.
You can now continue from where you left off. Now you can pick up one of the books on the mirror bench, and continue playing. Thanks again!