Reviews for "The Splitting: Chapter 2"

Well-made game, just like the first one. I have an theory on where the game is going. Spoiler below.


Did I mention spoiler?


Theory: Mitchell got a visit from someone in the mirror world. (Righties can cross over to the real world. So far, none of them wanted to.). That rightie made a deal with Mitchell. Said rightie would kill Llehctim so that Mitchell could escape. Mitchell probably did clinically die for a minute. If Llehctim finds Mitchell, Mitchell would likely try to kill Llehctim.

Loved the game, I can't wait for the next chapter! Also, when you've selected something and you get the options to 'look at' or 'open' and you press pause the game freezes. The only way to get it working again is to refresh.

FireberryStudio responds:

Thank you! We fixed the problem :)

Having the same issue as ChoiLatte. It's on the mirror side of the asylum's button room. I closed the closet door with 3 books on the bench. I cannot open the closet because it says i'll lose the books when the room resets. I am not given the option to pick up a book; only choices are to look and climb. I can hang the key on the hook and reclaim it, but other than that i am trapped :(

FireberryStudio responds:

Thank you! We were able to locate the bug and fix it!
You can now continue from where you left off. Now you can pick up one of the books from the mirror bench, and continue playing. Thanks again!

Great stuff, waiting impatiently for what's next!

I tried to start playing the game and it won't let me do anything passed him saying 'Okay, I'll go'. It did it twice, then I tried a third time and it got stuck even sooner. :<