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Reviews for "The Splitting: Chapter 2"

Super excited when I saw that chapter 2 was out and you did not disappoint! Can't wait for chapter 3

Love it. The story was great. The puzzles were challenging but not obscure. I was able to complete the game without looking for walkthroughs but not too quickly. A good balance of difficulty imo.

Looking forward to pt. 3. Keep up the great work!

Awesome game reminds me of broken sword slightly with the items and usage,

I love how this is going so far. Played the first game and was eagerly expecting part 2. The second part didn't disappoint. I got to experience more of this world and learn more of the lore behind it. It's an awesome concept and I can't wait to see even more of it! :)

This has everything I love about adventure games: A rich plot, great characters, and an intriguing setting. The game is short but doesn't feel like it. At every turn there's a cool puzzle, or a character with a great story. These are things most modern adventure games don't often succeed at creating. Honestly, I can't believe this game is free..

Bring on the next one!

I beat the game in a couple hours. I didn't play part 1 yet, but will definitely do it now. It doesn't feel like I had to play part 1 to play part 2. The story / premise is fantastic. The real world and the mirror world are both real. The mirror world deteriorates in the absence of mirrors, but comes back to vibrancy in the presence of mirrors. People in the mirror world can't affect the real world. People in the real world can't perceive the mirror world except through mirrors. People in the mirror world are mostly just reflections of the real world, doing what their real world counterparts do, acting as the same person, but on rare occasion they can split. And then you can do weird things like bring in multiple copies of objects, take objects between worlds, move past people without them noticing, etc. And the game introduces these elements in a clean and straight forward manner. It also throws in some smart tricks. Like a key from the mirror world, will not fit in a lock from the real world, since they are mirrored. The dialog is good, but perhaps could have been written a little stronger so that the player's motivations are better understood. It's also got one puzzle where you do something to try to cause a riot, but all you do is pass time, which feels a little flat. But most of the time it's very clever. I only noticed one thing that seemed like a bug; there were a couple places where you could hide and unhide a mirror, but it didn't reset the room. It wasn't at all important to the game, and helped keep the player on track though. The interface can feel limiting at times, but that's actually a good thing. It prevents you from trying every inventory object with every item when you're stuck. And sometimes as a player I thought of a way to solve a puzzle a different way, but the game makes it clear what path they expect you to follow, so it's not a problem. The only thing that gave me trouble, besides confusing who characters are, was that sometimes when you talk to a character, the question prompts change, and I didn't notice. I spent some time stuck, not realizing I missed a question prompt. But overall the game is very clever and interesting. The music and atmosphere is perfect.