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Reviews for "NWAR: Medias Res"

You are back to making good ones. Good job!

Wonder how many more 'Nwar'-inclusive phrases there are left to find. :) Though, might grow old if it's used too much - the Modern Warfare one felt new, as did the 'stake in' (was expecting something with steak there, considering his recent meal). Overall a witty and tense episode! And it looks like the finale is drawing close!! Exciting times.


Wow, does this mean the series is really ending? Well, we had a lot of episodes so far. My favorite joke might be the last one. It's just the fact that it's so sudden. I liked the weird way of flashing back. I liked the "Modern Warfare" joke.

I really do feel more for Nwar. That's his name, right? I think this could have used more metaphors. It's still quite funny. I do feel more for this guy.

Solid animation. I appreciate this distinctive style, the creator has certainly found his niche. The jokes are never quite straightforward. They're small, but unexpected and consecutive, which keeps me constantly on the look out for the next one. And the plot's easily enough to follow through the narration, which has me genuinely interested in the next chapter :)

How do you get ideas for the jokes though