Reviews for "Peck Goes to School"

I re-watched the original Peck a while back and I couldn't wait for you guys to do a sequel. I was surprised when it came quicker than expected, and I love it. The animation is way more smoother than the first Peck, and the colors and backgrounds were great too. It also keeps the same surreal humor from the first Peck (A good example being the coach being a student instead of a teacher, which was hilarious). Overall, great job on the cartoon and I can't wait to see more!

This is pretty damn amazing. I've never chuckled this much before - keep on doing what y'all are doing.

Oh my god its amazing

This is what I love about the animation I find here. Artists frequently cross the line and make really fucked up stuff.

Man, Peck is back!

Hope to see more of this soon.
Great animation.