Reviews for "Peck Goes to School"

I feel somewhat depress. Totally the ending i was no expecting. I thought things would go right with Peck despite being an airhead. Anyways, i really love Peck and how he doesn't give a fuge. Reminds me of the baby from Rugrats. I hope there's a continue for this.. if it ends like this I'll just be more sad

I liked the first Peck cartoon a lot, but this kinda flopped. Peck seemed dead throughout the whole episode, and coach getting all the highlight for the abuse without any backstory was pretty lame. Still, I did enjoy the fluid animation and the great voice-acting.

I like the Animation, visuals and the Peck Coach animosity. I just didn't like this particular episode. The 1st Peck vid was so funny! I still would like to see more of the Peck Coach series! Keep on Keepin on!

This wasnt cool

i wasnt to fond of this story it looked good though