Reviews for "Peck Goes to School"

pretty dark if you ask me

The animation was great, and the story was good too. But what the hell was that ending!?

Will there be a sequel, perhaps?


So this was a nice little story you have here some fun visuals you have on this one I really liked what you have prepared here for us it was a fun video full of some exciting moments anyways keep up the good work

No changes needed it's fantastic


Woah, what happened here? This is nowhere near as good as Peck 1. To be fair, the art/animation and voice acting are top-notch and somehow even better than last time, but the humour just isn't the same. The magic of Peck 1 was how it felt like some kind of fever dream: it starts off as a cute little cartoon about schoolyard baseball, but then things get kind of strange, the plot flies off the rails, and by the end of it you have no idea what the hell you just watched. This one was just "Coach is a grade school bully." That's pretty much it, and pales in comparison.

The biggest problem is that without things being normal for a while, there isn't much of an impact to Coach's antics. What helped the humour in the first episode was the unexpectedness of everything. Here, things start off weird, and it plays off the same kind of weirdness straight through to the end, so you get used to it after a while.

Even disregarding that, there isn't all that much to what Coach does in this episode, either. He just does some typical bully/frenemy stuff to Peck, which is really only made funny by the fact that he's a flabby middle-aged white guy going to school for some reason. The humour of the first episode came not just from the un-plot, but how every angle of Coach's personality was played to the extreme. He was a LIVID coach. He had HORRIBLE nightmares. He was an ENTHUSIASTIC husband/dad/???. This one comes close with the ending, but by that point I just feel sorry for poor Peck!

And that reminds me of the other big problem: Peck didn't do squat the entire time! Other than seeing his test answers (which were funny), Peck spent the whole episode standing around looking kind of sad, or getting beat up like a sandbag. Sure, watching a wimpy, blank-faced cartoon wiener-boy being the butt of abuse can be funny, but first he needs to be a foil to Coach for the insults and slapstick to mean anything.

I write this big long review because you guys have a good thing going with these cartoons and I can see them going places if you can hit the right marks. Keep going with them and I'm sure Peck will capture the hearts of many.

Good to Peck back, even though it's really all the same as it was the first time around. This one's not just shorter, but without the same implications and surprise as the first, it plays on the revelations of the previous, with the same characters; not really much new to offer. Animation and voice acting's great as always though! Good stuff, but if Peck does live on I hope it's from a new angle.