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Reviews for "One Punchmin"

" This is god dam amazing"

Wow men I like this animation but I'm absolutely delighted with the drawings about falcon and link. Good parody of super smash and Well done with the dynamic of the movements. Very well and Good job!. I'll share!

good dude!keep doing more of these animations

best video this week imo.

Ha! man I loved this. I nearly died when I saw OPM and The C. Falcon's legendary fists collide(both from laughter and hype). the reference to OPM's opening credits was a nice touch(Andross sequence)
My only gripe was that you didn't show the fighters instantly exploding off screen, link comes to mind. I would have never thought to combine these two things.
The art itself was goofy but good, the animation without stutter and the comedy was on the mark. Timing and setup were well thought out and the sound quality, while mostly rips, was fine/fitting.