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Reviews for "On Fire"

Wow pretty cool game you've got here. I'm sorry I didn't get to play it earlier. A small puzzle platformer game with an interesting twist. The game does fit the Ludum Dare them on "ancient technology" with the idea of how fire was discovered, but it presents a really original and comedic idea about how it was passed down. Except for one level that requires a little bit of improvised thinking most of the levels are fine and intuitive to solve and the music is nice and fitting. While I have done a video on this Ludum Dare 36, I think this game totally deserves a video on it's own, which is right here: https://youtu.be/RtcN6CXK4uA . Anyway, obviously the game could be longer and feature more things, but it was made for a game jam so it's understandable. Still a fine piece of work and I hope even better games to come by.

A simply game with super creative plot.

This game is amazing, I wish it had more levels though, but still great game, good job.

didn't expect to play a game like this and it's quite fun,great game!

Good game. Rather difficult. Great joke at the end :)

Add controls to description and wa;kthrough.