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Reviews for "On Fire"

Good job in this one!
The fireball 'pass' mechanic added a lot to the gameplay, brings a lot more from what I originally expected. It also made fun challenges considering the 'time limit' aspect of it, specially on stage 4 where (at least from my experience) the strategy was to 'skip' one of the guys, so you could refill the fire and then get back to him to have more time in general.

Sounds were fun (although the 'death' guitar sound was a bit loud for me in comparison).

I like it, it'd be nice if you changed the fireball button to E or something, I always accidentally pressed space to try and jump but would end up ruining the level.

One of those small website games that makes me refrain about the correct score.

In the beginning I was planning to give you a very low score because it promotes pyromania but after testing the game my conclusion was radically different.

The game has an adequate music track, funny sounds and acceptable graphics, therefore the gameplay has been thought in a simple and organized way were the player needs to fit and move through the "short story".

Very fun 3 minutes and that's principally why I give you 5 stars, hope next time you provide a larger game with more variety on graphics, sounds, non player controlled units and scenarios.

My ranting is based on a comparison with other games of the same period of time.

Another "Stupid Game" (no offense, of course) I found on NG! Loved the plot.

Great game jam.

The game is really cool. Much more interesting than I expected from the artwork.
If it had more levels and slightly better graphics, I would have given it a 5/5.