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Reviews for "Real American Test"

Buen questionario Munguia !
La verdad no entiendo como es que a alguien se le ocurre alegar que America del norte y America del sur son 2 cosas diferentes. Es como si dijeramos que Europa del este y Europa del oeste son 2 diferentes Europas.
Te dejo 5 estrellas por el mensaje de este juego.

Medal review: Another great medal list by Munguia! Medal for every question is great and it's sad to say I didn't figure out it meant North/South American and not just US American until about 5 questions in lol.

Thought at first it might be a joke about how USA seems to think they own Mexico, and a lot of the questions seemed to follow suite, but some made no sense at all. In the end, ah, it all falls into place! Though basically any of the answers could be right for most questions since basically everyone could be an American - no matter their nationality, everyone's an immigrant in one form or another - except the natives, of course. Took a few attempts to figure out, and still feels a bit random - like there's no 'definite answer' for each question even if you know what the meaning behind it is, but the message: pretty clever! As always a fun game too, and glad you didn't have that '100% correct' medal on this one. ;)


Munguia responds:

I just hear the song "This is America" really cool but the name is not correct, the name should be "This is USA", you know in Costa Rica we donĀ“t have terrorism or school kids with guns for masive attacks, in guatemala we have Volcano firing but not police killing black people, in cuba we have short of internet but no massive attack weapon market. America is a big continent not just a country with so much money and problems like Gambino says

LMao it took me 5 trys to get number 2 mexicans are?

Munguia responds:

You fhink they are Aliens, European or Asians before Americans.
theres a lot of ignorance, this game is very necessary
Thanks for playing and learning.

Really liked the message behind this one.