Reviews for "Real American Test"

Medal review: Another great medal list by Munguia! Medal for every question is great and it's sad to say I didn't figure out it meant North/South American and not just US American until about 5 questions in lol.

Buen questionario Munguia !
La verdad no entiendo como es que a alguien se le ocurre alegar que America del norte y America del sur son 2 cosas diferentes. Es como si dijeramos que Europa del este y Europa del oeste son 2 diferentes Europas.
Te dejo 5 estrellas por el mensaje de este juego.

I'm Canadian, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with the premise of this game.

"America" is not a continent. Even if you accept the point the game is trying to make, it is *two* continents. In English, those two continents are generally referred to as "The Americas", and never as "America". We like to think of continents as contiguous landmasses, but that simply isn't how we define them; Europe is connected to Asia, but it is not the continent of Eurasia, nor is the United Kingdom its own continent. Even if we did use that definition, the Panama Canal finalized that debate with nuclear bombs.

That may not be the case in other languages, but to be clear, what you are making is simply a semantic argument. "We are all Americans" may sound like a message of unity, but all it is is arguing over the definition of a word; in the end, it is a pointless position to take. Language is defined by its use, not logic.

And if we did, for some unfathomable reason, choose to call the two continents of North and South America "America", what precisely would be the word to refer to people whose nation of birth is the United States of America? United Statians? U. S. Americans? "Americans" suddenly isn't precise enough, and you don't have an alternative word for it.

Too long, didn't abbreviate: I'm not American.

Munguia responds:

whatever you want, other 34 american contries thinks different

Clever! Think "North, "South" or "Central" and you have it licked.

Great game! I missed a few the first time around, only 4 or so, I believe. I fully understand the meaning of this game. We ARE all AMERICANS. So, in light of this new information, I cannot wait for everyone in the US and Canadian parts of America to move into Mexico and change Mexican culture, because assimilation! The same should go for US and Canada. Canada doesn't even have a culture, does it? NO SCREENING PROCRESSES! 'MERICA(S)!

Also, does this mean I can legally go into Canada and return with cheap pills because of their healthcare benefits? Because, if that's what this means, why do those Canadian Mounties keep arresting me? lolxdadjfkidgaf
Great game, 5 out of 5, would definitely recommend!