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Reviews for "Real American Test"


Only complaint is that it focuses a bit too much on South America, making it actually kind of obvious. A possible good idea to fix this without compromising the idea is to give some questions related to Canada or even Iceland or Greenland (I'm not sure if those are even part of America; maybe that would make a good question too).

Munguia responds:

yes, thanks for playing, i focuses on Central, and South America along with the North America (méxico, Canada and USA), i even add from the caribbean America like Cuba or Jamaica, i made this game because of my complaint of see how obvious is for most of the USA products focuses TOO MUCH on USA is America over the rest of the continent. Lets Make America Great Again (including México, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Chile, Costa Rica, Canada, El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica, Republica Dominicana, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay,Trinidad y Tobago,....not only USA like Donald Trump says).

Thought at first it might be a joke about how USA seems to think they own Mexico, and a lot of the questions seemed to follow suite, but some made no sense at all. In the end, ah, it all falls into place! Though basically any of the answers could be right for most questions since basically everyone could be an American - no matter their nationality, everyone's an immigrant in one form or another - except the natives, of course. Took a few attempts to figure out, and still feels a bit random - like there's no 'definite answer' for each question even if you know what the meaning behind it is, but the message: pretty clever! As always a fun game too, and glad you didn't have that '100% correct' medal on this one. ;)


Munguia responds:

I just hear the song "This is America" really cool but the name is not correct, the name should be "This is USA", you know in Costa Rica we don´t have terrorism or school kids with guns for masive attacks, in guatemala we have Volcano firing but not police killing black people, in cuba we have short of internet but no massive attack weapon market. America is a big continent not just a country with so much money and problems like Gambino says

it doesn't make any sense

What a challenging test. Bravo to you for making it!

As a U.S. citizen I kind of question the 51st state one, it would be nice, but it's not one (last I heard they didn't want to be one). Though technically a state is just a country, and the U.S. is just 50 countries joined together. So as long as Puerto Rico fits the definition of a country it would technically be a state, along with any other U.S. territory that also fit.

Either way I liked the message, I've been saying the same thing for years.
I loved some of the wrong answers you used, they were funny.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for comment and play, The phrase "51st state" can be used in a positive sense, meaning that a region or territory is so aligned, supportive, and conducive with the United States, that it is like a U.S. state. It can also be used in a pejorative sense, meaning an area or region is perceived to be under excessive USA cultural or military influence or control