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Reviews for "Real American Test"

Really liked the message behind this one.

It does get a little old when nearly every question hinges on the "USA is not America" idea. On the other hand some of the questions had some actual challenge other than that, so I guess its okay.

Munguia responds:

Thats what the world thinks everytime USA selfcalled AMERICA and says all the other american contry is not american.

It is true that USA has usurped the name of America for itself unjustly. This game does good job of of dispelling that myth.

But it is false that there is one continent called America.

This is how it is thought in schools of 2nd world (Former Soviet Union) and how I believe is right.

Geologically there are six continents: Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica. This is a scientific (geological) fact and it is not arbitrary for humans to decide.

At the same time there are six parts of the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas and Antarctica. This is arbitrary human division and can be disputed.

The problem is that people with worse education do not differentiate between what a "continent" and "part of world" is. One is geological land mass. Other is cultural region. It is a flaw of USA and probably also Costa Rican education system. Probably all countries in Americas are too biased on this in their own way.

There is also another highly deceptive and misleading question in this game. About immigrants. Yes Americas are populated mostly by Immigrants today. But there is the important part; These were all European and Christian Immigrants. The cultural differences between Spanish, English, French, Italian and Irish immigrants were rather small and they could all find common ground in the European and Christian values. This allowed them to create prosperous countries with mixed ethnicities like USA and Canada.

Today this sentiment is used to justify immigration of non-European and Non-Christian cultures in Americas. And it only leads to disaster as not all of these cultures are compatible. Especially ones whose holy texts call to killing all those who do not worship their desert deity.

It is easy for Munguia to criticize the right political wing of USA for not accepting immigrants in the USA. Maybe some of his relatives or friends went to cheap illegal work in USA? But there is bigotry in that because I bet very few migrants are coming to Costa Rica. I bet Munguia would change his mind sooner or later if many desert people would come to his beautiful jungle and seashore country and bring their desert rules with them and tried to enforce them to the local population. Also if USA is so bad and Costa Rica and other Latin-American countries are so good - why do people want to immigrate for cheap illegal work into USA all the time? Why not stay in your tropical paradises and make your own countries more prosperous and better? Why care so much about USA immigration policies? There is something very fishy and not completely honest about this.

I say all this as an impartial observer, not coming from Americas myself. Yes USA is wrong for calling itself America, but other American countries are also wrong by thinking they have the right to immigrate in USA freely, when they themselves receive much much less immigration, because for some mysterious reason (not so mysterious actually) very few people want to immigrate to them.

I got 19 of these questions right from the first time. The one I got wrong was about the big cats, I didn't knew what is bigger: cougar or jaguar and missed the first time. Easy game.

So since this game has no art my max score would be four stars. From that I must distract two stars for two falsely misleading questions in this otherwise fine educational game.

LMao it took me 5 trys to get number 2 mexicans are?

Munguia responds:

You fhink they are Aliens, European or Asians before Americans.
theres a lot of ignorance, this game is very necessary
Thanks for playing and learning.

Cien por ciento americano pero no soy un hijo de .... ^_^

Munguia responds:

Yo tambien soy %100 americano pero no soy estadounidense