Reviews for "Zombilla Team"

I saw your avatar, so I automatically voted 5, because you have a history of good games.
This is the last time I voted 5 to your game.

When I started playing, I realized that this game has the same problem as Crashzilla.
"Wait to play". Stop making this bullshit, or very quickly you'll become one of the most hated uploaders on here. It's not androidgrounds, it's newgrounds

The game isn't that bad. If you have enough patience or just do something else and then come back and play this and you should be fine. I am also pretty sure that the zombies move faster as you progress without dying so the game really is not repetitive that much then.

This ended up being a lot more entertaining than I thought! It was mostly because it was so simple. I have yet to see the pony though. It's amazing how fast paced this game is. It just gets wackier as it goes along. I love the artwork.

While repetitive, it's still very enjoyable. It's nice always hearing the Wilhelm scream. The colors were nice and bright. This guy wasn't really an evil clown. The zombies certainly were.

Medal review: Gotta love the zombie games! The is good game with a solid list but the downside is the fact that you have to wait to play and that takes away from the game a lot. Outside of that issue, it's def a good medal game with big points up for grabs if you are willing to wait.

Its very easy got 169 lol it speads up enough for me but flame was only cool upgrade i got maybe add posion and enimes in sky to jump higher?