Reviews for "Zombilla Team"

The game isn't that bad. If you have enough patience or just do something else and then come back and play this and you should be fine. I am also pretty sure that the zombies move faster as you progress without dying so the game really is not repetitive that much then.

The animations are good, but it is too repetitive and boring. I wouldn't really play this again, but at least it looks like a game.

i dont think new grounds is a good place for app games. this game sucks all of the characters are the same idk what the money does and the gems are just to get more useless characters. you just click to smash zombies thats it half star

First off, the game is repetitive, giving it no replay value.
Second off, the major problem is that you have to wait to play, not like 30 seconds, but 10 minutes, WHICH WOULD BE ALRIGHT IN AN ANDROID/IOS GAME BUT NOT ON A FLASH GAME! It ruins everything. Seriously a terrible game.
0 Stars.

All you do is click to smash down on zombies. Big whoop. Unlock new characters that do nothing and add no more content, from what I can tell.

And that timer and heart count telling me to wait before playing again is absolute garbage. As if the game wasn't appealing enough.