Reviews for "Zombilla Team"

Eh, its okay.

More of a money grab than a game, doesn't require much skill, graphics are nice but it doesn't have much in terms of gameplay mechanics, it's basically a press button on time game, wouldn't play it more than once or twice, after that it would become one of those games you just forget you have installed and then delete from your phone when you need the space.

It's okay, I guess, but my character would randomly die even though I hit the zombie at the right time? And then...I run out of lives and have to wait? Really? Well, that was dumb.

This ended up being a lot more entertaining than I thought! It was mostly because it was so simple. I have yet to see the pony though. It's amazing how fast paced this game is. It just gets wackier as it goes along. I love the artwork.

While repetitive, it's still very enjoyable. It's nice always hearing the Wilhelm scream. The colors were nice and bright. This guy wasn't really an evil clown. The zombies certainly were.

The gameplay is "Push button at the right time to not die."
The objective is "Repeat until you unlock more skins, maybe some medals."
The purpose is "Pay us money to keep pushing the button."
Anyone who pays for this game has a gaming addiction and poor taste.
Anyone who pays gems for the spinner has a gambling addiction and is terrible at math.
The art is okay, though. +1 star