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Reviews for "Bacteria"

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. There are doors...? There weren't really instructions, but I tried the arrow keys, only now I'm looking at some cutscene, I guess, and I don't know how to get out of it. The mouse cursor is hidden so I can't press the little "advance" thing in the bottom right, and pressing keys doesn't seem to do anything, so...I guess that's it.

Munguia responds:

Sorry for that, the cursor is back.

Quite a good flash game. The only thing i can see that is bad about the game is that the sound affects can be quite loud compared to other effects such as when you leave a stage

Great game, I love it !
Got all the medals ! Yesterday I was having the problem with the experimental blue boss like Raeldor and KodaTheWolf say but today it worked fine !

Would play again. I like that the game has a backstory and the levels are fairly challenging. Each bacteria has a new challenge. I might be missing something about the blue boss though because there is nothing more one can do after hitting both eyes during the saw part, so I wasn't able to defeat the boss. Definitely not one of my favorite games, but this game makes for a great platformer.

I like your sense of humor, the art is not the best one but it gets the point across, plataforming is a little tricky but movement is responsive and with a bit of trying you can manage. Liked it