Reviews for "Bacteria"

I like the mechanics of this game !

is so bad that i can only give you 5 one time, i have played this game at least 7 times by now, thanks to the work i can't save, the mutated blue boss is too hard for me now that im exahusted, but il try to win in orther oportunity, keep the good work!

This was nice for a different game from you. I admit to being annoyed by the platformer bits with the bacteria. He's just too easy to mishandle. And to think, here I was hoping it would be a platformer! I liked how it was easy to get medals. That's always a plus.

It was very nice to listen to all this music. The details were quite good. The title's a bit too bland. You really are quite prolific. I'm glad this was frontpaged.

It freezes when I click new game.

I use chrome on a good computer.

I got all the medals this game was amazing!!! One of the best interactive games I've played in a while.
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