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Reviews for "Bacteria"

Really good game only the Radioactive Boss is incredibly easy for it to come at the end. The Blue Experimental Boss was the real final boss for me, even though you encounter it in the middle of the game.

nice game how do you get on the end of the yellow level with the boss :(

You know what I'm here for

I give this 4.5 stars. It's fun and has a cool art style, but the blue experimental boss is in fact corrupted - it froce thrice on me, always at different positions. While it's really cool to look at and play against, the fact that it breaks the game makes me feel the whole experience would be better without it. Also, yes, this is very arguably "everyone". Also you might want to have someone spellcheck your texts for future projects - there were a few errors here and there.

Totally loved it!
The musicless levels, the graphics, the retro sounds, the game dynamics... don't know why, but it made me feel nostalgic!
Great job, man!