Reviews for "Steel Ball Run fan-trailer Animation"

fucking awesome dood

Fuck YEEEEEAH!! Well done

okay first off. you practically nailed the art style off jjba colors were nice and a few scene transitions were pretty nice. the fact that you made sure to have ringo roadagain say his line was really cool.
but yeah similar critiques like anyone else's. stiff and erratic movements but i can understand why.
the amount of time you put into makes me want to reconsider my career field. not only did you draw this but animated it colored it added in sound and music. it must have been tough but overall the end result looks really good

This is terrific! As some have stated before me, animation is sometimes a bit stiff but nothing too bothersome, the overall result is fantastic! I enjoyed every second of the animation, also the voice acting is on point. And as a Jojo fan, this is next level.

Great work! 5 stars!

Good shit pal! probably one of first decent fan made trailers I've seen in awhile. Good animation, great voice acting, and JoJo legitness.