Reviews for "Parthelo"

great game but in my opnion demigod should be higher than god for achievements

I think you have to add a bit more challenge, I found this a bit too easy.

K3ter responds:

I wanted to make it to get the highest score, not to get a good score
There is a highscorelist, only 11 people posted........
You should post a high score :D

4 stars for no bug and easy medals, however since the game won`t getting harder, I hardly find a reason to keep on playing.

K3ter responds:

I'm going to make a poll for if I should make it harder!
Thanks for the suggestion!

I found this game fun and challenging, hopefully you get the exposure you need to get this game out there! Also thanks for working with me!

Medal review: A skill based game for sure and it's why I only have the first medal. It was close to being 5 stars here for solid progression but given the fact that my frustration level was hit early on with this one, I gave it 4. Otherwise a solid list with good points.