Reviews for "A Sweet Typing Thrill"

Glad to have helped with this.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad you did! Saved me time, effort, and worries :)

This is a great game. It's challenging enough to be fun without getting TO frustrating. I got stuck on the rotate puzzle just because I kept putting a space, but that was my fault for being an idiot. I'm unable to finish the game because for the life of me I can't figure out the sequence. (help pls)

Other then that it's a great game. I rate 5/5

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Why thank you ^ ^
I'm glad you didn't find it too frustrating, since I always worry a bit that people will get annoyed at the difficulty.
Yeah, the way I made it, a space counts as a character, since it's needed for a few answers.

The level you're stuck on is one that I put a bit more work into than the others. I can't give too many hints without giving the puzzle away. But if you recognize the hint in the title, try googling a chart (or have a look at a certain wikipedia article). And try to think about how that could be applied to the level :)

Omg, my head hurts now. Had to open a couple of windows to let the smoke out. This was a well thought out concoction of testing peoples knowledge and/or resourcefulness. If you don't have working knowledge of the puzzles' mechanics, then you better make Google your best friend. I had never heard of the "Rotate" thing before. Good to know for any future games. I am impressed with the variety that you have here. No 1 puzzle is truly alike.
Great job on the music, too. Music may be your passion, but you have a knack for this as well. I applaud you, and everybody that aided you on this endeavor, for a job well done.
I can't seem to get the secret ending. Maybe, I'm burnt out a lil bit, and need to recharge my batteries. Lol
I look forward to the next one.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for playing the second game as well!

Yeah, I know it can be a bit of a tough nut to crack. But I suppose that's the point of the entire game, hehhe :p

Google is definitely recommended for beating the game, since the game increases in difficulty to an unnecessary degree without it. A fairly impossible one, even, if one doesn't happen to have the knowledge required from the get go.
While I kind of repeated 1 thing from the previous game, that repetition had its purpose too. Other than that, I did my best to give you new and interesting challenges to face ^ ^

I like creating things in general, whether it be music, games, art or writing (along with other things). It's pleasing to hear that you think I have a knack for game design as well! I'm a better designer than a creator, I think, as I can only make fairly simple games on my own at this point, but that's enough to satisfy me :p

The secret ending is a bit of a difficult one. The only hint you need is really the title, hehe :D
But if you're desperate for more, I suppose you could shoot me a PM if you find yourself stuck :3

I'm very impressed by the solution to the secret ending. So simple yet so elegant and I had such a hard time figuring it out. All of the research I did to solve it was for nothing.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad that you liked it! I put a bit of thought into it, after all :p
It's nice that you spent some time trying to figure it out on your own! Even if you didn't reach the right solution in this case, I'm sure it wasn't for nothing. Thanks for playing :)

This is amazing, I love these puzzles (although I was never a puzzle person). These made me actually think about it without getting boring. I probably woke my neighbours up when I got too excited for having found the morse code one. I was a bit dissapointed at myself for not finding the secret ending by myself though (I was on the right path but didn't look hard enough) Anyway, I can go to sleep now This is going to favs.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It's awesome that you like it despite not really being a puzzle person! It's also good to know that you didn't find it boring while trying to figure the puzzles out, as I figured some people may get tired after trying out a few solutions. Don't be all too disappointed you didn't figure out the secret ending on your own; it's really unfair, and more of an easter egg, I'd say. Great job figuring out the restof the stages though! I'm glad you got excited when you solved them, as that's precisely the kind of feeling I want these games to give the player ^ ^

Thank you for playing, and for reviewing!