Reviews for "A Sweet Typing Thrill"


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It's fine ahaha! You're officially the first reviewer :D
That's a pretty neat feat ;)

O_O I just guessed the secret ending. Then the game shows HOW to get the solution.

It blew my mind.

I just guessed it right because of the hints you gave on the news post. Thanks.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Whoah! That's a pretty impressive guess!
Oh, and if someone else happens to read this, please avoid even minor spoilers in the reviews :)

Thanks for playing and leaving a review, Gil, and great job beating the game, along with the secret ending! :O

Played both as per the recommendation. This is very well done, although the the difficulty really is subjective, because after playing the first one it made certain puzzles in here just click easier. It took me an hour, instead of two like the last one. Not to say this didn't come with more unique and interesting challenges.

Either way though, proud to say I didn't need a walkthrough for this, just a couple sites so I didn't have to do certain things by hand. The secret ending i guess I have to leave for another day, but I may be PMing you (to avoid spoilers) about that final question. Because SERIOUSLY, that 3rd letter bro really. I'm lucky I got the rest of it and was able to piece it together.

Either way, great game with great lore, music and puzzles.

Hope you keep doing what you love and would love to see more from you in the future.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Awesome! Thanks for playing both games, ClanZT ^ ^

Yeah, the difficulty is definitely very subjective (based on the time it has taken people to beat the games). It's always difficult for me to balance it so that it pleases a large userbase. But I think I've managed ok :)

Nicely done, managing to beat both games on your own! It's definitely allowed to use other sites; in fact, the games would be way too difficult without them for most people.
Thanks for avoiding spoilers! :)
You can indeed PM me in case you need more clues :D

Once again, thanks for all the compliments!

I'll definitely always stay creative, and keep working on projects whenever I have time ;)

Thanks for the support!

Finally the Lucid Dreamer has graced us with his Absolutely wonderful work. Once again this game blew my mind. All the little tidbits hidden here and there coming together into one. Marvellous.
The last puzzle was very difficult, but through the process of elimination, it was obviously the red herrings. Just.. Coded.

Majority of the puzzles were straightforward.. Except for the secret ending. I wracked my brain for what seemed like hours and finally, through trial and error, i figured it out. I won't say anymore, as i might give away the answer, but let me tell you how i came to figure it out. Everything in the game seemed like a clue. I assumed it would be like your previous one, but i was wrong. As usual.
Then i saw it. And i came to realize: Why would a mastermind name their creation something like THAT? After going through the process of elimination, i finally figured it out. As plain as broad daylight. Is that how the saying goes? what goes around come around. The answer was right there. screaming out to me. very "Sweet" Indeed.

I won't write too much, just know that i am a very big fan of yours. And if you plan on continuing the series (most likely) then i look forward to it, You Cunning Mastermind.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for the nice review, HugoTheFighter101!
I'm glad to see that you didn't find the sequel disappointing, but on the contrary seem to have enjoyed it quite some ^ ^
It's probably a good thing that the final stage is fairly difficult, as it probably would be a bit boring otherwise :)

Great job figuring out the secret ending on your own! It's not something that's easy to do :3
Thanks for not spoiling anything more about it, but it is indeed very 'sweet', isn't it ;)?

I do plan on continuing the series with one more final game. However, I'm afarid it'll take quite a while until I've gathered the energy to create it :)

Thanks once again for pkaying, and for reviewing!

Amazing and chilling, just like the first!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, PsychoHazard :)
I'm glad you like it!