Reviews for "Escape from the Planet of the Dravids"

Fantastic game. Well made, entertaining, with a fine grasp of the genre. The music and the visuals served the game really well, and I won't hesitate to play any other such game you make.

Disable tabbing means when a player presses the tab button it will cycle through the clickable spots on the screen.

Great game.

This is the best ng game I have played in a long time. Well done. I enjoyed the little cut scenes too.

This was very nicely done and really enjoyable. It took a while to finish but it was very engaging and it keeps your interest. Some of the puzzles were tough but not impossible. I like all the alien language and symbols you used. Also the music was perfect and the storyline as well. Overall it was great. Hopefully you make more of these or something similar.

Sweet Game,was sometimes difficult to find out the puzzles
But made it in the end and it was lots of fun