Reviews for "Escape from the Planet of the Dravids"

This is a very well-made game! The graphics and audio suit things well, and the puzzles are intuitive and well-designed.

Two things come to mind that could improve the game. One: add a feature that lets you see all the clickable areas on-screen easily, mainly because sometimes it's not intuitive which ways you can go from each screen. Two: make the clue for the five-digit code a bit more obvious, perhaps by highlighting the "digits" on the plants parchment.

Fun game! The puzzels were good without being overkill, and I thought the artwork was really nice. I was also impressed by the amount of stuff to do and places to explore, and enjoyed the music choices. It was pretty creative to make up your own symbols for the codes, which I thought was fitting for the setting of the game. Nice attention to detail and execution of ideas, and a very enjoyable game.

I wasn't able to complete the game because I got stuck for half an hour, but the premise and game-play is always interesting leaving me want to finish the game.

Mantle responds:

I've put together a walk through so you can take a look there to see anything you may have missed:

Maybe it's because I'm too used to those 5 minute long "escape" shovelware games, but I really enjoyed this game. The graphics were appealing, and the soundtrack was nice and unintrusive. Heck, I even liked the font. The puzzles with items were realistic and not contrived, and the other puzzles were well thought-out. I really liked the fact that multiple puzzles used the alien language.

If there's anything that I would suggest, it's adding in dialogue for using items in the incorrect spot, so that the player can recognize if they're doing things right. Also disabling tabbing would be a good idea. Finally, there's a typo when you click on the beehive before you knock it down ("The beehive it too high up to reach.")

Anyways, great work! I'm looking forward to whatever you do next.

Mantle responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'm not sure what you mean by 'disabling tabbing' - what exactly is that? As for more feedback for using items in the wrong spot, I think that's a good idea but there are so many spots where people can use items for things. Were there any spots in particular where you felt that using a tool should have done something but it didn't work?

This is really cute.
I got stuck because I screwed up using the machete at a place where it could be used but didn't seem to work. Not sure why, because later it worked. Had to look 3 times into the walktrough. Anyway, good game. It is made swiftly, but I like that style because you concentrate upon the important things.