Reviews for "For Harambe"

Good voice acting, but bad audio recording;
Good drawings, but the border lines are pixelized;
You have the talent, but lack the appropriate tools to produce quality.
Also too little choices for the amount of dialogue there is, you could've done just a little bit more, it feels much more like an interactive movie than a game at this point.

DeSaGames responds:

That sounds just about right. We're hoping to move on to actual digital drawings in a couple of games to avoid the pixelated stuff. The quality of the recording is probably going to stay the same over the next couple of games since I don't have the cash for a professional mic set up but maybe somewhere down the line I might actually buy some kind of equipment.
As for the choices I'm sticking to shorter games at the moment so I can polish up my writing and production but worry not there are more interactive games down the line.

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