Reviews for "Van Helsing vs Skeletons 2"

I found this to be a lot of fun. The seventh level is where I really lose it. It still has very impressive graphics. I love the music! It took me awhile to understand the rocket launcher. It explodes whenever it hits the mouse icon.

It's a very stylistic game. It's nice to see Van Helsing like this. It just has a lot of spirit put into it. I liked how there were different kinds of skeletons. I thought you just had to aim for the unprotected part of those helmeted ones.

25 box medals not work ?

gamezhero responds:

fixed, try now

Swinghouse style music. Love it!

Good game, but not that challenging. However I was able to notice a bug. If you happen to fail a level at the same time you reset it, your next attempt will consume more bullets than it should (shooting once leading to using 2 of your bullets.