Reviews for "Van Helsing vs Skeletons 2"

little and nice :)

Very nice and fun strategy shooting game. Keep up the good work!

Thoroughly enjoyable and very satisfying skeleton carnage

It has been a while since i've played a game like this from you. i love the art style and the mechanics are great, it took me a little while to understand that the rockets blow up upon touching the mouse icon though :)

Found a bug. Whenever you use a bomb and when you reset a level just before it explodes (or while it explodes), it'll blow up when you've just reset and the bomb counter remains the same so actually you have used 1 free bomb and it doesn't count on you're 3 star ratings.

Overall fun game, good job!

Great game love the mechanics( especially the rocket launcher) Music fits the theme of the game perfectly and so much different variety of skeletons makes the game even more challenging.

5/5 Skulls gj man.