Reviews for "Van Helsing vs Skeletons 2"

not bad, bug where it shoots 2 at a time can be little annoying, as it also wastes your ammo.

Nice game. :)

Good game, but in level 19 i found a bug the bullets its 8 but i shoot the became 5 and 1 and i just shoot 3 times instead 8.

Nice graphics.
But there are a few bugs:
When you use your last bullet to shoot something that will grant you level passing, it goes on for "Out of ammo" and it does not let you finish.
And at level 8, ammo starts with 9, and decreases with 2 bullets whenever you shoot ONE.

Interesting platformer and runs very smoothly. The concept is nice, but I feel like it could be better. The solutions are very simple. I also feel like there should an award for getting a perfect score on all the levels, but that wasn't rewarded.