Reviews for "Every Man's Refund"

I like the feature where if I leave the game it pauses so I can't multitask making me waste all my time on it. Fuck this game. Not YOUR game, but, you know, "this" game.

this is really good and i loved but cant u allow people to save their game because the last time i play it you cant save your game and i like it because you can travel to other planet and it has survive and and i love survival and the game is good

Well, here i am again, it's nice for a parody, and i get it, but every time i try to play ir more than 10 minutes, i die, come back to the planet, but i can't get out the ship, is it a bug? is it intentional? honestly i don't know, but ok.

Skudge responds:

It sounds like a bug. Sorry :(

Cool game (wasted too much of my time on it :)).

I'm pretty sure the medals aren't working, though. I've gotten a ton of golden stars and no medals.
(I even reached the center of the galaxy)

the game is easy 5 star

Skudge responds: