Reviews for "Every Man's Refund"

Cool game (wasted too much of my time on it :)).

I'm pretty sure the medals aren't working, though. I've gotten a ton of golden stars and no medals.
(I even reached the center of the galaxy)

the game is easy 5 star

Skudge responds:


this is the name..........right?

Skudge responds:

sounds about right!

You made such a long and interesting game with no save option? Come on man, that s not fair...

Skudge responds:

Apologies friend

All jokes aside, I played your game because I wanted to have those badges/medals with mister Murray's face.

Just as a reminder for me and everyone else who might stumble across my profile that in our lifetime, the biggest con man to have ever walked this plane of existence was no one else but... Sean Murray.

Brilliant, truly. Also I am sure someone else mentioned it before but it is astonishing how some dude on Newgrounds managed to make a better game than that majestic rip-off of legends. Nobody will remember you Skudge but everyone will remember that radiant, smiling, punchable face of Sean 'No Game' Murray.

He wins no matter what people do, that is the morale of this story. HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!

On a fucking flash game website... I cannot believe it is actually a real finished vidya gaem omg!!1!!
-Nice music, soothing and pleasant
-Controls are working
-I actually had fun fucking around and invested some of my precious time

Suck it Murray.

Skudge responds:

Thanks a lot, i'm flattered!