Reviews for "Every Man's Refund"

omg I'm lauging so hard right. beautifully done. had a friend who wondered why I was laughing so hard. after I explained the premise of no mans sky's lies, he too was lauging off his @$$!

Skudge responds:

Thanks! I bet Sean Murray is laughing his ass off too! :^)

Oh really nice! Nice effort here.

Screen passes are very slow, especially that "you got a star" thing. Can't we quick skip them?

And when will the true multiplayer version will come out? :D

Skudge responds:

of course you can't skip them, it really adds to the CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE :^)
multiplayer comes out in 8 more years and it'll cost $60

Nice Parody.
But how to charge ship fuel?
What element?
I tried the red,blue,yellow and white,but nothing helps.

Skudge responds:

the launch thrusters need red and the ftl engine needs ftl fuel, which you can find the recipe for in a space station

i didn't play the game yet but you must have been really disappointed to do this xD

Skudge responds:

Someone had to do it

i have a black hole in my pocket , what do i do now ?

Skudge responds:

It's used to make FTL fuel. Gotta find the recipe for it