Reviews for "Pokemon Omeger Rubyer Part 2"

You can't fucking slow the video to -1.5 or 0.5 on NG all dem pauses were pure skill, PURE SKILL!!!

Loved it, but had to really concentrate because I'm not on the obligatory rail of cocaine to keep up on the scene transitions. Space some shit out!

mattyburrito responds:

thanks man and yea I think its the scene transitions I gotta work on to keep the scenes strung together.

Man, Just when I thought it couldn't get better it does. You don't cease to amaze me Matty. From Pokemon Golder all the way here, you've kept up a consistent and funny series, which is hard to do and I commend you for that. You give all your characters great personality for the kind of comedy you're presenting, and the small details hidden within your animation add to this even further. Couple this with great jokes about current things about Pokemon (Like the Pokemon Go players, great little add-on to the animation) and the older stuff about Pokemon (The cave in the beginning really was harder back then) and overall you have an amazing piece of entertainment. Keep up the good work Matty, we'll keep watching.

mattyburrito responds:

thanks for following my stuff! I'm glad you like all those details I try to throw in. Though now I feel like I seriously gotta go and do something different 'cause I don't want my whole portfolio to be exclusively pokemon stuff haha

XD Sonic music XDXDXDXD

mattyburrito responds:

First Sanic Adventure still got the best music

Soooo much pausing. I only found 3/4 images. It's almost like a type of scavenger hunt, lol. And sooo many hidden jokes you have to pause to discover. I see why he put that warning at the beginning. It's what makes the animations more fun to watch. Adds a certain interactivity to it.

The protagonist sounds confused like 90% of the time. It's like these animations are about his journey littered with hundreds of WTF moments, lol.

Gotta appreciate the consistent plot and progression of this series, as others here have pointed out.

Serious note: there NEEDS to be a game where we can kill those convention guys. Can someone say collab?

I especially like how the creator matter-of-factly makes fun of dumb stuff in the Pokemon universe, as well as excessive "fans."

I guess my main tip to end this review, is for the creator to find more things about pop culture or Pokemon he really finds just plain ridiculous. Since his specialties are parodies, him making fun of things that we all secretly know are stupid, is where he makes some of his best jokes (in my opinion). Of course, it has to be supplemented with his healthy dose of excessive violence and brief sexual gems ;)

P.S: matty, you should really check out BitterStrikeCartoons on YouTube. Your work really reminds me a lot of his, and you're both great creators. Thanks for the newest episode :)

mattyburrito responds:

thanks so much for this review man. I'll check out that guy's channel!