Reviews for "Pokemon Omeger Rubyer Part 2"

I never played Ruby, but I still found this quite enjoyable. Thank you for the lols.

Always great to see your animations.
So many little things here and there to keep people entertained.

Totally nailed Mystic Pokemon Go players in my area, except they do that in cars and are more brash.

How to get One-Frames:
Step 1: Spam the time bar on which second the frame is on.
Step 2: Profit.

In all seriousness this was amazing!
Keep up the good work man!


That part cracked me up (being a Pokemon/Vocaloid fan)
Unfortch not as good as the first one...

Omega Ruby > Alpha Sapphire :^)

This was great. The animation was really smooth (with a bunch of easter eggs in there too) and was funny whilst still having a story. One of my favourite bits was the part before the contest, I hated stopping there. Another one was the actual contest when shedinja stole all the peoples souls lol