Reviews for "The Treasure Tomb"

love it! reminds me of the submachine games.

Submachine-like style. That is well-made one.

rare pepe spotted

The pepe is rare indeed but I ain't no normie who else spotted the DICKBUTT? =D

Hmm an interesting game brought up for this ludum dare challenge. While it does fit the theme, I have to say that it feels a bit cliche that whenever there is an "ancient" theme someone will go and make a game about the egyptian pyramids. Still it's a pretty cool point-n-click adventure game with a really nice athmosphere and some simple puzzles. But that's about it. The game is rather short. Now I am happy that despite that it does give you a nice, immersive experience, and I understand the time constraint of the ludum dare game jam, but I do feel like it could've been made a bit longer. I have featured it as the last game in my ludum dare let's play video: https://youtu.be/UP29iaz8pTs .
It was alright in the end, so I hope that you can make better games for the future.