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Reviews for "Resident Evil Ebola"

Hmm so this is what you've been working on, not bad at all. I didn't think a 2D Biohazard game was possible yet here it is. There are many good things to be said about this game, my only complaint is I wish it wasn't soo accurate to the RE games to the point of if you don't save at the typewriters ( which are sort of few and far apart ) You're kinda screwed lol. Either way, good work to everyone involved, looking forward to more !

Awesome game dood, you just brought my childhood with two games that i loved the most :p


This was damn good! Everything was great. The story was well written and the voice acting was not to shabby. The gameplay was top notch and used the elements of resident evil franchise very. The game just has a lot of polish and care put into it that really makes the experience worth. Very solid work my friend.

esto si que es un juegaso loco.

porfa pero porfavor expandalon aun mas al juego, tiene muchisimo potencial, la musica, los enemigos, tal vez un bug o error por aca y alla pero la tematica y como se usan personajes que a mas de uno le caeran bien (el vendedor del 4 me encanto) lo convierte en un juegaso a mas no poder.

metanlen ganas porfavor que es ta muy bueno el juego y tiene un potencial decente.