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Reviews for "Resident Evil Ebola"

he really did it that absolute madman

Withholding my rating for now, but I also hit the same bug Victrio did, below.

To be more specific: returning to the foyer after fighting the lab technician zombie, I found the lady STARS member missing, with some ammo on the ground. I went to the second door from the left (against the back wall, not the one appearing to lead left) and hit enter. A message appeared, but I didn't get time to read it (I must have pressed the enter button too quickly?) and I traveled to a dark room with an ineffectual flashlight. I went to the other end of the room and turned on the light, then fought the zombie(s) that were there. The door leading right needed an emblem to open, but traveling left did not bring me back to the foyer again. I was trapped.

I also didn't appear to be able to open my inventory, and hitting enter did nothing anywhere in the room, after hitting the lightswitch and testing the door.

An interesting game, but I don't think I got nearly far enough into it to give a proper rating.

MetaMike responds:

Its fine, the hallway room has a glitch I haven't been able to fix. The inventory can't be opened but that room is a bit of a puzzle. There is a key to be found there which I should've made a bit more visible.

very nice game

Theres a annoying bug, when you try to go to the left when its supposed to be blocked, normally it just block you, but it trapped me there and I needed to reload the game at the beginning and begin all over again twice! The game load it's too slow to keep reloading every single time.
Hope it can be solved soon, I liked the game. Resident Evil + Metal Slug = Love!, in my opinion.

MetaMike responds:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, PM if you can so I can get to the bottom of specifically where this happens, I don't want these annoying technicalities to get in the way of people enjoying this game.

Hmm so this is what you've been working on, not bad at all. I didn't think a 2D Biohazard game was possible yet here it is. There are many good things to be said about this game, my only complaint is I wish it wasn't soo accurate to the RE games to the point of if you don't save at the typewriters ( which are sort of few and far apart ) You're kinda screwed lol. Either way, good work to everyone involved, looking forward to more !