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Reviews for "Resident Evil Ebola"

I didn't know this would be an RPG. I am not a fan of those. I still liked this game. Damn, you got a lot of voice actors. Even DoctorStrongBad was a beta tester! The sprite work is amazing.

I just wish there weren't so many cutscenes. I know to expect that in an RPG. I was just hoping for a straight shooter. It's still great to look at. The order the story is told is weird, but it's still enjoyable.

MetaMike responds:

Well if you ever return to play it again rest easy knowing you can skip nearly all of them. Also that's one of the things I'm pretty happy about when it comes to part 2, now that the main characters and main plot is established I can get right into the action with part 2, it definitely won't be as cutscene heavy.

Fun little game i did run into a bug on the way to the lab where i couldn't go back or go further and could not open the inventory even


Great game.

However I got stuck at the lever... it wouldn't allow me to input the code? Ande solutions?

MetaMike responds:

Hmm as long as you're using enter to interact with it you should be fine, also you have to click the box to begin typing inside of it, then hit submit.

this game is really fun and it was awesome it as a great story line and a few of the lines you used I recognized from resident evil 1 I hope you complete this game oh and there is a bug in the room on the left door on the wall when you enter you cant exit and you cant open your inventory other than that I didnt see any other bugs in chapter keep making games you are good at it.