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Reviews for "Resident Evil Ebola"

It's obvious that a lot of effort was put into this game but... since it's not your first one... it has A LOT of flaws.
1. The screen is tiny... Game doesn't look bad but well... I can't really see it close enough.
2. You've put this much effort and still you've used random font from MS Paint? Or something that looks like it.
3. At the beginning it feels like cutscenes interrupt like every 10 seconds of the gameplay.
4. Controls... pick up with Enter and extra key for shooting upwards? Really?

MetaMike responds:

The font used was the closest to the resident evil games I could find, assuming you haven't played them btw. I actually had to search and download that font, also it varies depending on if you have the font downloaded or not. I notice a handful of different computers and such project their own font into the game so you may be seeing a different font from the one I used.

The screen being small is a valid complaint, that's something I've been thinking of enlarging but then again we all have the zoom function available as well.

Also you can skip the cutscenes at any point with Enter. It says it in game but perhaps I need to emphasize that more as well.

As for the controls I haven't had any complaints at all regarding that but enter does pretty much everything and W shoots upwards but you rarely have to shoot upwards so I can't see that being much of an issue. Thanks for the feedback.

Have you tried making the screen smaller?

i love thias game

I really like the game in fact I love it but I think you should add it so you can buy first aid sprays from the merchant and also when will there be more chapters

MetaMike responds:

Being able to buy ammo and first aid sprays was something I considered at first but having just played Resident Evil 4, which actually had the Merchant in it, you couldn't do so. I felt they did that so things wouldn't be too easy and you'd be forced to conserve what you got, so I wanted to do the same. As for future installments :D it shouldn't take anywhere near as long as this one did, now that I can jump right into the meat of the story and the action with part 2, I'm pretty excited to jump back into this soon, it hopefully shouldn't take more then a year to get part 2 out but I don't want to make any promises to anyone.

Resident Evil: Ebola Awesome Game & My First Walkthrough


MetaMike responds:

Nice walkthrough ! Always curious to see how people play my games lol. If anyone is having trouble beating the game I suggest you take a look at his walkthrough, my only concern is I hope you know you can save at the Typewriter and buy upgrades from the Merchant. Perhaps I need to emphasize that more with an update so people don't miss it.