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Reviews for "Resident Evil Ebola"

Metal Slug in Resident Evil universe? Great for me! Both are high on my personal list of favourite games. This one is done really well, keeps specific climate of original RE games, the plot is leaded well and it's just fun to play. I'd love to see next chapters.
However there are few things that could be improved.
1. It looks like the enemies are able to hurt you even though they are not close enough to you.
2. I started to use knife-only pretty fast after obtaining it, because it's more powerful in compare to the gun.
3. While fighting with last boss, when the spikes were coming down it seems like I was spawning right under them. Like i was running to the left side of screen and my character suddenly appeard in the middle of screen just where the spike was.
4. It's probably something other than the game, but even though I've finished whole game I haven't earned any of the medals. It's not really an issue, just writing about it so someone could explain to me what's wrong with that :>

Anyway thank you for making this game, it was really nice to play ;)

My three biggest complaints with this tribute (which for the rest is overall decently done, mind you) are :

1) There's little point to using the gun until you've upgraded it with the explosive bullets because the combat knife, while riskier, does kill enemies way faster;

2) I feel like the hit-boxes for the enemies are a bit wack, when you stab them with a knife, they can easily damage you from a few "meters" away even if their sprite doesn't touch the player character's in any way. Same kinda goes for when you shoot them. Sometimes it shows blood, confirming a hit, but more often it doesn't making me personally unsure if the bullet hit registered or not;

3) Out of all the upgrades, I don't see why you would not buy the explosive rounds once you can, as all the other options are inferior unless you fancy a challenge.

And one last minor complaint is, there wasn't enough shotgun ammo in this chapter to even justify really using it which is a shame. My point being is that way it feels useless if you can just use the handgun (with much more ammo to find around for) in combination with the knife.

Anyhoo, all that said, I'll be awaiting a second chapter. Can you already tell me if it will carry over saves from this one?

MetaMike responds:

Thank you Winmugen, as always your reviews are helpful to each precise detail ! Things may be a bit out of sync and wacky, I can assure you this will be fixed with future installments, the explosive rounds definitely make things easier and all else useless, Thanks for the review my friend.

Nice game, it really gave me chills knowing that my ammunition and healing sprays are limited, and I have to use them wisely.

There are two things I have to "complain" about tho:
- the screen resolution is too low, I have to zoom in in order to play;
- the medal says "T-103" , but the monster's capsule in game says "E-103".

Nice game overall ! :P Waiting for chapter 2.

This is the only Resident Evil game that I could win. :)

A fun tribute to a game series I've been playing for over half my life, can't wait to see if you carry this on!

MetaMike responds:

I definitely will ! I made this game with people like you in mind (: