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Reviews for "Resident Evil Ebola"

Great game

Now this was an intense game here with some massive amounts of great sprite work some awsome detail, very nice gameplay it was like playing a real resident evil game love the sprites and gameplay the medlas were a nice addition a very fun game here

more effects like shines and sparkles but overall this was fine as is.


This was a pretty nice game! I really liked all of the references to the Resident Evil games, even the more infamous ones. *cough* Mike Sandwich *cough* I also ran into some minor bugs, mainly the fact that the condition indicator doesn't animate when you're on "critical" or the fact that when I loaded the game, I had less ammo than when I had saved it.

But regardless of these minor inconveniences, it was a pretty fun game. The sprites were used as best as possible and it all really felt like a cohesive visual experience, excluding Mr. X of course.

The voice acting was superb on all sides in my opinion, it definitely beat the voice acting of the first Resident Evil and that can only be good XD. The sound effects and music selection were also all spot on and I think they all fit really well into the game and story. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of this series of fangame flash games and will most certainly give my thoughts on any sequel that should materialize.

I give this game 3.5/5 stars and would recommend it to any fans of Resident Evil and Metal Slug.

Have a nice day >_<)b

Great concept, east controls and love the idea of medals, first time i've been on newgrounds in over 10 years :) honestly love the whole idea of the game. Only about 40 minutes in, but really enjoying.

esto si que es un juegaso loco.

porfa pero porfavor expandalon aun mas al juego, tiene muchisimo potencial, la musica, los enemigos, tal vez un bug o error por aca y alla pero la tematica y como se usan personajes que a mas de uno le caeran bien (el vendedor del 4 me encanto) lo convierte en un juegaso a mas no poder.

metanlen ganas porfavor que es ta muy bueno el juego y tiene un potencial decente.

Great game idea Really great game play Nice work on this game would love to see more parodies!