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Reviews for "Gwain Saga - Chapter 002"

Really like your combination of comic dot style with the focus of zero black stroke outlines. Don't really see anyone else doing that type of animation style. Unique stuff. I know you use a lot of video game tunes in your works but maybe consider getting "some" original tunes in future releases? Will make things more intense and engaging. Something about hearing Super Mario RPG tunes followed by Poke'mon that does not bode well with me. Other than that you are one of the top 5 animators I have seen on here in the last decade. Keep it up, mate.

pros - Fantastic animation, interesting story, enjoyable and memorable characters
con - music choice is kinda random at times

Dude awesome job guys

2 episodes in and I am in love with this series XD

Eeeeee, salgo yo :D

Hey man, this was great! Keep up the good work!!!