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Reviews for "Gwain Saga - Chapter 002"

I loved all the repurposed music and animation style, it actually calmed my hyper personality to sit and watch, mega man zero music sealed the deal. THIS IS AWESOME! Watch it! Thank you for making this!

Beautiful, I like the anime/cartoon feel. Just beautiful.

And Geo reminds me of Kirito X3

just amazing

The animation and artstyle are pretty good, but I'm not too big a fan of the story style or the character designs.
I mean, you pretty much just made a trashy anime. Very good work overall though.
It's just not my thing.

Loved the art.

Sounds & Music were a sometimes unfitting (You're too attached to Paper Mario). The Megaman Zero track was stopped too early for the feeling of dread to settle. I advise you to dedicate more time to choose better fitting sounds and music and manage the flow of the episodes better.

Story is filled with cliches but feels self aware and not in denial so it's ok.
Writing has errors here and there but it got the point across.

Given its obvious low budget, it's ridiculously well made.