Reviews for "The Blind World"

wow gorgeous

HershallCook responds:

Thank you! Grace Howson of http://www.graciemacie.com/ did the art.

Great concept, nice level desing, althoug the controls aren't the best( won't repeat what everyone had already said), nice music, i played 4 times(i gave up of getting the best ending) and the music didn't get boring. The main problem for me it's the hellhound fight. Either as human form or as mid transformation the boss is freaking hard! The jumping sequence is ok, but the one that you're supposed to jump him is impossible, i onle did it 3 time, it needs to be frame precise! Also in the second fight when he gets k.oed. there is no indication that he will go underground or that he will start chasing you again, it's hard to know when to stop attacking if you can't read your enemy next action. Last but not least: i know the last stage is supposed to be hard and almost make you transform, but you could make only the big saws take 2 heats not all of them.
Overall it's a very nice game, something that i don't see on newground in a while, keep up the good work and sorry for my grammar mistakes haha

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I've edited that boss fight to make it easier to jump over the monster when he charges. I encourage you to give it another shot.

DAAAAAAAAANG that final boss battle is hard! But still great job. I like how the more you die, the more the serum starts to... take over??? Amazing job HershallCook! Just as good as Ridiculous Text adventures! Again, great job!

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Give this game time because I guarantee it will grow on you. Its hard to explain what this game does, but basically if you die too much then you transform in a stronger creature. The final stage (or what I'm pretty sure is the final stage) basically can't be killed, which is fun, and the story changes depending on your "transformation." The first stage is more talkative, the second is more aggressive, but still communicates, and the last kills everything without talking at all.

I replayed and got the "bad" ending again, but I had a different experience getting there both times.

Others positives: lots of enemies, pretty good art, cool/varied music.
Cons: controls are kind of clunky, final boss is too hard.

Definite recommend!

its a very unique game but the difficulty settings could be slightly tweaked... either is the game or me... I'm sorry if its me