Reviews for "The Blind World"

Interesting concept and history, but the controls suck, and the colisions sucks too. You can use this concept for future games more detailed.

HershallCook responds:

I updated the game with a tighter jump mechanic. I'm not sure what you mean by collisions, but I nerfed the swordsmen (they no longer trap you against walls), and you can now run and jump into walls without losing momentum, like before.

wow gorgeous

HershallCook responds:

Thank you! Grace Howson of http://www.graciemacie.com/ did the art.

This game is pretty solid, but you lost massive points from me for the jumping. Especially since this is a platformer, jumping is VERY important. It feels unnatural. Sometimes, even though I'm not holding any more directional buttons, my character will glide off the side of a platform after landing. It's almost like it has tank controls or something. And the momentum killer when you hit a wall makes it even harder to gauge the jump.
Again, cool concept and I wish I could see the ending, but the jumping is making me too aggravated to keep going.

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review. I updated the game with a tighter jump mechanic, so that you can change direction easier midair. I also removed the "momentum killer," so now running and jumping against a wall feels much better.

Give it another try and let me know your thoughts. There are three endings, and I want you to see at least one of them!

I'm assuming this is one of your first games; please don't take me wrong when I give you this review.

The cutscenes are not well drawn. It would have been much better if you had just had a anime type drawing, it would have been much better. There should be smooth animations other than just a slide show.

The actual gameplay felt like a chore rather than being entertained. The wall momentum thing was a major failure, as it ruined the time when I actually got into the game. The story did not interest me at all. To be honest, I couldn't even finish the game.

I'm sorry for being harsh but I'm just giving opinions on what's there. I'm not saying this project is totally down the drain; if you take this review seriously, you can make this game the next big thing,

Thanks for your time in reading this review.

Good game and good storyline.However, controls seem to be really slippery and it is very hard to control the player. Also, Player needs more hearts with enemies with weapons. There is also a glitch in the sound where if you off it and go to the next level, it plays again.I think that the function for jumping should also be worked on.