Reviews for "The Blind World"

the concept is cool but the gameplay is kind of buggy. if you get pinned in a corner and are not strong enough to punch your way out, you are dead and have to restart sometimes the respawn. jumping gets stuck from time to time when too close to a wall. I wish I could have finished the game but the controls and erratic behavior of the enemies (the guys with swords and purple teleporting guy) kept me from doing so.

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review, I appreciate it. I released an update earlier this evening that made the jumping controls tighter and made it so you could run and jump into walls without losing momentum. I also nerfed the teleporting monsters (their spikes now appear less often, giving you more time to attack) and the swordsmen(now they bounce off the player, so they can't trap you in a corner).

If you stopped at the Glass Forests, you've got a lot of content left to finish. I hope you'll return and give it another shot!

I really like the game and story, but the mechanics just don't work well enough. Jumping is too uncontrollable. You either go too far or not far enough, controlling a jump mid-aid is impossible and jumping up from against a wall does not give any momentum. But you mentioned you're working on that, so I hope you find something that works out!

Another thing, the combat/enemies. hitting/drop kicking things is both slow and inaccurate. Enemies have a way too harsh knockback and are much stronger than the player. Let alone having long and mid range enemies while the player is only short range. Not really fair, so dodging is the only solution. It works, just is a lot harder.

All in all, please work further on this game! It has some incredible potential!

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review. I updated the game to make it significantly easier, nerfing a couple enemies and making more responsive controls. I fixed the momentum issue as well, so now you can jump against walls without sticking to them.

As to fighting versus dodging the enemies, the second and third stages deal more damage and have more health, so if you die enough times then combat will become more viable.

Check out this new version and let me know what you think!

It's all right...certainly playable. However, I went through this long moving-platforms section and fell off at the last jump, and then I had to go ALL the way back, and then when I got up to the beginning of that section I managed to fall off IT so I would have to do ANOTHER platforming section...eh, I have better things to do.

I didn't really see anything about the "story" or "deaths". The enemies are all easy to avoid anyway. The only two times I lost health is when I fell off a jump and there was a worm suddenly beneath.

I like the concept of the game, but it's entirely too tedious to get into. Parts of the game's stages are beaten not by pure skill as in the best platforrmers, but sheer luck. Note also that the controls are not as responsive as they need to be to make it past areas of the game that require precision timing - the lag that can occur especially complicates this. There were times for instance, where buttons I've pressed would not register for several seconds after I'd pressed them, even after I'd already died. That, coupled with equally tedious backtracking on certain levels ruins the rhythm of the game, and the story simply isn't powerful enough to keep the player engaged. I think it needs a lot more polishing in this department if it's to really shine as a game. The soundtrack is stunning though.

The controls so far are a bit floaty... But it seems well made. (First impression after tutorial)
The slimes are a bit hard to see, maybe more blob like, as in one singular moving object rather then what looks at times to be an arch in the grass?
I got stuck on a sword guy when he raised it up, therefore not letting me move since i was in his arm.
Too much reliance on pit-falling. Perhaps you could come up with other ways in the beginning rather then platforming above some pits? Such as luring an enemy to one side or waiting for a certain moment and outrunning an arrow?
A way to look forward or down would be nice, since I'd like to know if there is a secret in the pit or not, rather then jumping in and killing myself if there are any enemies.
Speaking of, perhaps put some situations were you DO need to die at the beginning, so you can show off what.... I assume is more punching power? I havent noticed yet, but I think I died 4 times so far as of this sentence.
There is a metal platform above a pit of slimes in water, but it is not above the groudn your meant to land on and disappears a TAD faster then reaction would warrant. I think I see what your trying to do, but some of the platforms can be edited to work different ways!
Speaking of platforms, the brick and metal is odd..... I'd like more explanation as to why the bricks are moving like that but thats nick-picking.
Ah pardon me, I see why it was there, to help loose momentum... However, shouldn't you just make the controls tighter rather then forcing the player to jump into walls to slow them down?
The fool's chase line would've been better if.... A: She talked about how maybe she won't be able to reach her sister in time or what-not.... B: If she followed it up with perhaps "Oh irony" or the like.
I also didn't feel very threatened by the beast at all, since it seemed to mvoe slow.... and at the end of it, she fell off the side of the map while the loading screen happened (luckily it didn't result in death)
The character portaits should have either a white or black background.... Axis looks like he has horns to me... >w>
I got stuck under a sword-man again, and the spawning is..... strange.
There is nothing stopping me from mashing the X button in a corner while the swordmen charge at me and can't hit me.
And that is where the review ends, the glass forest making me a tad mad since slippery floors + Air-y jumping = bad time. I hope you can get stuff from this review! If I played more, I bet I would've enjoyed it! Solid 3/5 for effort, care, and over-all promise!