Reviews for "The Blind World"

The last area caused to much lag, and the animations are nothing to look at. But it is a good concept

I enjoyed this game until at the start and quit after the second boss fight because I started to transform and am a bit of a sore loser to not get the best end. Anyways, the part that had really annoyed me and killed me many times was the extreme precision jump between the two insta-kill saw blades on a treadmill that gives inconsistent jump height when on. And in my opinion the turrets in the second world fired a bit to fast to leave an opening but at least did not kill in one hit, so not too bad. But it otherwise played very well, bosses were not to difficult after learning patterns. Getting stronger with each loss is a great design although a bit stressful not knowing how many lives you have until you miss an ending. Final thing, and it came into play very little, it was still possible to jump up walls to the players right trough a combination of jumping and doing air attacks to stick yourself into the wall, then jumping and repeating. Again I did enjoy most of what I played and it's a great idea for a game. I will probably come back to to play it more regardless of future changes.

This could be a great game, but there are a number bugs. The swordsmen wall trapping you, sheer difficulty in bossfights without transformations, and in the final fight (or at least what I assume to be) I A couldn't even hurt the boss at ALL, B Managed to jump ontop of the boss, and when they lifted their head, I was thrown offmap, and became unkillable, unable to move, and most importantly unable to continue the game.

At first, I wanted to complete this game and not have to transform, but it's literally impossible to dodge (or at least it seemed that way) during the boss fight that happens after gathering stuff at the listening post. The inability to dodge forced me to die enough to transform once and I used a no skill berserker approach to get stuck under the boss (must have landed on me and kept trying to attack me) and I kept attacking it to beat it easy. If I was forced into transforming any other way, I would probably be starting over rather than giving a review with a low rating, but having a broken/glitchy boss fight is borderline unforgivable (the gap to the right that seems big enough to go through that you can't actually go through is probably what threw me off the most; making the boss fight area bigger might help too).

Other comments:
-Maneuverability actually isn't that bad, I was able to jump around and avoid hazards just fine. +1 star for platforming that feels fair.

-As it was said before, swordsmen trapping you against a wall needs to be fixed. Maybe push them backwards a bit and possibly have them stay put when they hit you. Boss fight has this issue as well, maybe have him run to the left wall when he does his attack.

Incredibly good concept, great potential, sadly reduced to a game I rage-quitted because of controls.

I hate being unable to control stuff, I'm a control freak. After the third time I died because I couldn't determine if my character would float for meters in the air or not jump enough, I gave up.

This is not a full review, I didn't complete the game, so I'm giving average points but if the concept was executed perfectly, the score would be five stars even if everything else sucked.

But controls, man.. You have to be able to control your character.

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review. The controls are much tighter now – when you jump, you no longer drift through the air if you aren't holding down the left or right key. The momentum mechanic was also removed, so you won't get stuck on walls.

I'm sorry you ragequit; hopefully the changes make this a more enjoyable experience!